An affair with my wifes married best friend story

It all started out when my now wife moved from California to Florida where I lived. We lived together, then married after a year. She got her real estate license and met a lady there that became her best friend. We would party with her and her husband often (every weekend),and all became great friends.

We would usually take turns going to each others house and host dinner. When they came to our house we would swim in our pool and spa.
After about 2 years, I was in our spa sitting next to Ollie, (my wife's best friend). We had a lot to drink and smoke. I decided I would try to feel her ass when we were alone. I did it once making it seem like it was an accident and there was no reaction. I continued, then she finally pushed my hand away. Nothing more happened that night.
The next time was about 2 weeks later we were again in our I did the same thing and didn't get my hand pushed away so I left it there and played a little. When someone came near us I would stop then go back to the touching. We finally looked at each other and she whispered "Your Bad". I now had a hot hard cock sticking out of my bathing suit. When both her husband and my wife were out of the pool, I pulled my hard cock out the side of my bathing suit and put it against her leg, kept it there long enough for her to know it was there by pressing it against her thigh with my hand. I moved away away there back toward her again with my hard cock out of my suit, grabbed her hand and pulled it to my fat di**, all the while we both were looking to see where our spouses were. Where the returned, we separated.
At the end of the evening, my wife announced she was going on a trip to Arizona early Monday morning, and would take her to the airport and had to stay home that day to do office work. I was a sales report that worked at of house. She next asked my wife if was ok for her to come over the same Monday morning and lay out by our pool to get a tan for the upcoming real estate meeting. Of course my wife said it would be fine. She said great and she would come around 9 in the morning.
Monday morning I took my wife to the airport around 6, and was home around 7.
I was wearing only a pair of gym shorts and a tee shirt to do my office work. I kept looking at my watch thinking about her arriving at 9. Sure enough right at 9 the door bell ringed. I made sure when I answered the door I had a hard on that could be seen thru my shorts.
I opened the door and told her to come in. After a little small talk I said, you know I have been hitting on you, and that my wife is 3000 miles away and I am home alone. What is this BS about you wanting to sunbath.
She said its the truth. She next went to the bathroom and was changing into her bathing suit when I asked if she needed some help from outside the oor door. She replied no. When she came out and was headed to go to the back door, I opened the door for her to let her out. As she walked by me I felt her ass. She turned around and smiled and she "Your so Bad".
She went to the patio and put her towel down and laid on it to sunbathe. I stood over her and asked if she would like to go upstairs and spend some time in bed. She opened her eyes and saw my hard cock sticking thru my shorts and there was a wet spot, and said no.
I told her to look at the window on the 2nd floor, and pointed to it. It was the window in my office with a clear view of her. I said I will go up and start working, but I would be looking at her and fantasizing. I said if you change your mind let me know. I got ready to leave and took and long look between her legs so she would definitely notice and squeezed my hard fat pre cum cock so she was sure to notice.
I started working and occasionally went to the window and looked at her body, imaginging what it would be like to feel her full hot highs and sink my di** in her fat ass juicy pu***. It would have been really easy to jack my self off right now but I decided to stroke it a little and she ant happens next.
After about 2 hours I heard the back door open and make my dick hard again so she would notice I. I heard her coming up the stairs, and she entered my office. I asked how it went and told her I did enjoy peeking at her.
She then told me she wanted to take me up on the offer and see where it took us.
I smiled and lead her to my bedroom and told her we are both in for a treat, and this is going to be the start of something great, she replied, we'll see.
When we got to the bedroom I gave a kiss and to my surprise she opened her mouth wide and almost gagged me with her amazing tongue. It was a great kiss, one of the best I ever had.
I next started to take off her blouse, then her bra. This exposed some of the best its I had ever seen. She is italian with olive skin. Her nipples were extremely dark and firm and her areola was a big round circle. This is very unusual for me because I am totally a fat ass addict who loves a blow job, and I love to suck a fat juicy pu***. I adore the smell, taste, and have been known to suck every hole down there.
We laid down in bed and began like animals, first hard kissing and we jacked and fingered each other.
I next got up and turned around over her and put my arm between her thighs from the inside and pulled her legs wide apart and over her head and buried my head my head in her fat juicy pu*** as she started sucking my di**. She was soon driving me crazy taking my whole di** while playing with my ball. We were both moaning so much. I next pulled her legs back more and put my tongue in her ass hole and she then stuck her finger in my ass hole.
Finally I knew I wasn't going to last much longer, and got up and turned around and lid my dripping pre cum dick up her really hot pu***. We kissed giving each other the taste of all the juices from her pu*** and my di**. Both of our mouths were sloppy with the juices. I was about to come and yelled to tell her and asked "Do you want my Load", and she replied "Every last drop"! As my volcano erupted, She began yelling and I could feel her pu*** sucking my di**. I shot about 4 times while we both looked directly into each other eyes feeling each others feeling also thru our eyes.
Afterwards I rolled off her and laid beside her and we kissed for about 2 minutes.
We were both breathing heavy and said how mother fu*****-cocking good that was. She needed to leave, so we got up and took a shower kissing, washing each other, even feeling each other ass holes. I asked her if she wanted me to fu** her in the ass, and she said its one of her favorites. I told her my favorite is to get a blow while I have a dildo stuck deep in my ass. The last time I did this was with a pro black fat ass, I shot about 4 inches in the air and a massive amount of thick cum. I ofcourse didn't tell her but I have been fu***** this fat ass whore about 20 year, that's another story.
When she was leaving we said think about this and see if we want to continue.
Well let me tell you it went on about 2 years. We still got together as couples and would wear a jean skirt with no underware and shot me shots when she could, as we would touch each when no one was looking.
She moved away but would meet me when I did an overnight in my job. The whole time we would either have our hands, mouth or pu***/di** on each other. We also started ass fu*****, which drove us both nuts. We got to the point here she would spent the night with me out of town telling her husband she was with a girl friend, and would fuck her so hard with her legs over her head that she said she got cramps the next day. We would fall asleep and sleep in our cum, I would wake up in the middle of the night and roll over a stick my di** inner and squart more hot cum. About 3 years ago they moved away again out of being able to see each other.
I still fantasize over her jacking off or while I'm f******* someone else.
We stayed in touch for awhile and now mainly send Christmas cards to each others family.

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Similiar story
by: Anonymous

I had a very close story. We went to visit our friends and spent the night. Her husband slept in another room due to snoring and my wife slept in a single bed, and I was on the couch. About half an hour after we all went to bed my wifes friend got me and took me to her bedroom. I was very scared we would get caught, so quietly sucked her pu**y and then she gave me a quick blowjob and ate all my c*m. I went back to the couch.

Lucky SOB
by: Anonymous

I would love to be you in this case. This is the perfect arrangement.

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