At One Time

by Ninfa

At one time in my life I needed you so much I lived for your smile and dreamed of your touch, although my heart would melt at the sound of your voice when I looked into your eyes my soul would rejoice.

Your laughs made me happy , your tears made me blue, I really thought our love was true, but time came between us and blinded your smile your thoughts left my dreams ,but the pain stayed awhile.

It took alot of time and tears,but the hurt is beginning to end I no longer want you for ANYTHING, not even a FRIEND.

I know you think it's fuuny,but time will only tell the paybacks are a BITCH and I hope YOU BURN IN HELL!

You were a great lover, I'd have to admit, but when it comes to being A MAN... HONEY YOU JUST AIN'T WORTH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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