Bill S. is a Big Fat Cheater

by Verri
(Ewing NJ)

I was engaged to Bill S. for several years. Due to some family interference, we hit a rough patch and broke up, yet continued to see each other.

For over a year, he led me to believe that we could work it out, and that he wanted to continue a relationship with me.

We saw each other many times and continued an intimate relationship. Then, one day (August 10), I called him and got a very nasty tone from him. I was confused, ended the call, and called a friend.

She told me to check his facebook, which I was unaware he had. First face that pops up is Sherri S. The cat was out of the bag! I made contact with her, and her reply to me was that I needed to stop stalking her boyfriend, that I was a psycho and an alcoholic, and was making the whole thing up.

He then went to the courts and filed for a restraining order due to the "stalking". He lost that because it was very easy for me to prove he was lying (e-mails, phone records, witnesses, etc.).

They have now married, and I truly wish that they experience a long marriage of hardships, health issues, and financial ruin.

They are both evil and self centered. He has gotten very fat and his hair is white and wiry now.

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