by B

You know when they say i love you they probly do but mine didnt she lauged and said ha ha fu** you.

She fu**en cheated on me and I feel like I've been beated. You fu**en slut i hope you die, you fu**en tore my heart out bitch you made me fu**en cry.

I hate you were over get out of my life dont say your sorry cuz i no your not. You fu**ed her and wanted more then came back to me and said Beth your all i adore.

Ya well thats bullshit you never cared, you slut, I dont fu**en care anymore. You fed me lies and i believed them I'm such a dumbass for ever believing you.

I cant wait till you get hurt so you can maybe feel the fu**en pain you gave me. I cant wait till you fu**en see that we were ment to be.

Whyd you have to do this i loved you, you no. but you didnt you never could o well fu** you, you bitch. i hope you read this and fu**en cry i hope your heart aches just like mine.

I hope you feel bad you fu**en slut. Its cuz of you my wrist are cut. Its your falut I tried to kill myself bitch it gave you fu**en pride.

I could go on forever about how much i fu**en hate you and how you hurt me. but I think you get the point i hope you fu**en love her as you rot in fu**en hell!!!!! hmmm does this ring a bell?

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