Cheating, an Addiction

by Suzanne Marie
(Phoenix, AZ)

Cheating, another addiction, a Cheater, is ADDICTED, to Cheating, I believe. The chances are quite slim to none, as far as any Recovery. From My Experience, My Honest opinion, A cheater is also a very good Liar, especially when he or she gets caught. It may be so very obvious, quite exact, to what was, REALLY, going on, But, The Cheater says, "IT WAS NOT!" Of Course, there is, ALWAYS a logical explanation, for the reasons Behind, THEIR MADNESS, & It Never Is How iT LOOKS, nor what we think. It's always something, so UNBELIEVABLE, not to mention, OFF THE WALL, LAME, & STUPID, Excuse for their, "We Only, Went out for a Drink." Denial is the first sign, there's a problem, & they Lie They Only Love You, It only happened, once, & It Will NEVER EVER Happen Again. A Cheaing, Lying, ADDICT, Eventually gets a Craving, Or Secretly Continues, To Cheat, Behind Our Backs, If Not, They Will, & We'll Know, When. CHEATING, ANOTHER ADDICTION. An Illness, Or An ELECTED, CONDITION.

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