Dear, best friend.

by Makaela
(Greenwood, Arkansas)

You have broken my heart, I still love you.

I believe love is that essence of forever.
No matter what happens ur there right?

But what am i supposed to do now?
Watch u cheat on me then get me back and have ur way.
Either way I'm broken inside.

You stole everything from me.
You took back every promise that u made.

I stand quite to hear Gods voice ,
I can't hear a thing. What's to get me through this pain?
But I know he's here, somethings holding me on to nothing. And I'm barely here.

I have so much to say but all I'm gonna say is,
If u heard the inside of my heart right now, you'd understand. I love you but I hate you.
But ill never let u know how much you'll always be in the back of my mind, you were my best friend.

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