He loved me a long time now he just cares...

by Roseanna
(Brooklyn, NY USA)

Sad or happy eyes?

Sad or happy eyes?

We knew each other when we were younger and met up again 25 years later. I am 45 he is 52. I was so happy after being cheated on abused and left at the alter that I finally met a mature man who treated me right.

Now out of nowhere he is telling me he just cares and that he is going through some sort of mid life crisis! I am heartbroken here.

I have been patient but it has become unbearable. He has hooked up now with some unsavory friends one is married the other divorced and another single and they are all after one thing drinking and clubbing and we all know where that leads to. It is so not him. If we did go dancing we went together. His family adores me and says he is acting like a fool.

He does not want to end it with me but I am taking it day by day but I don't know what will come of it. He has taking up acting now and says he feels for his age he has nothing to show for it.. What am I chopped liver? I am so hurt and confused.

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