I should've never trust you!!!

by Lashonda
(New jersey)

The thought of him cheating on me causes me so much pain the thought of him with another girl makes me sick.i'm a good woman that used to be bad. i don't wanna go back to my old ways. all i do is sit in the house and take care of home and this motherf***er is at work watching porn.i must not be good enough for him, or is it that he's just trying to impress his friends. it don't matter, either way it's f***ed up. i'm giving this man my all and he's just pushing me away. everyday it's something new i'm tired and don't know what to do. i went through to much and my past if i wanted this i would've made it last. i'm young and like certain things but if it's okay for this nigga to watch porn why isn't it okay for me to get a dildoe. i need something more than just "i love you", a kiss here and there, and sex when it's convenient for him but my pu**y a stay hungry for 4 days to a week this tells me he's interested in someone else. I should've never trusted him and let him in my heart just for it to be broken and torn apart. i'm tired of being a fool and by this time next year it's better be some change or he can go his way and let me be cause i may be a big girl but i also have needs and you shoul've never married me. I SHOULD'VE NEVER TRUSTED YOU!!!!!!!

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