Im a Dog Looking For My Bone

by J.D.P

Let her go let her go,

Ya girl found me nows shes my hoe .
Im that guy who gets your girl, changes her mind for the worst in your world.
Im horrible like the grinch , im gonna be rough and call her my bitch.
Maybe not it may take time for some dime pieces to be mine.
Im a player with a girl at home , out running the streets looking for my bone.
You may say shes honest and always true .
But only she knows when shes not with you.
Dont get me wrong for the way i am.
I have lost hope on love and for that i am damned. I feel your pain and it makes me smile.
Your tears are my fuel for miles and miles.
Girl to girl i play my game with full intensions to spark my flame.
In the end i will be alone ,
As a dog looking for my bone.

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