IM the Cheater

by Shelby

So..... I cheat.

I was with a guy for a year and a half, moved, cheated. I broke up with him, then dated the guy i cheated on him with. Broke up after about a month, cuz i cheated on him.
Started dating my next boyfriend, and right after the one year mark, cheated on him. Twice. in two different weekends. With the same guy. We had lived together for like ever too.
After that our relationship went wayyyy down hill. i pretty much stuck around for no reason. moved away. Cheated again. and finally broke it off.
In my new town, i waited about 6 months before i got another Boyfriend. we've been together for about 2 months now. and this last weekend, i cheated on him with my last ex boyfriend. Haaaaa.
I guess im no person to give advice really, but ladies, or gentlemen, if they cheat.... break it off!
We cheaters alwaysssss cheat again.

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