Infidelity Investigations, LLC


Be the first to know... Not the last to find out.

Are you sick and tired of your partner's suspicious behavior? This same partner that you have unselfishly devoted so much of your life and love to over the years?
Are you sick and tired of having your heart pounding and losing endless hours of sleep due to the sadness and uncertainty as to what is going wrong with your relationship?
Are you ready to find out once and for all the truth about what your partner has so recklessly been doing behind your back? Even if the truth hurts?



"After weeks of no results, and thousands of dollars spent on other agencies. I called Infidelity Investigations, they were able to uncover my husband cheating in one day."
- Kathy K. (Trumbull, CT)

"Chris Paoletti, the owner of Infidelity Investigations, is warm, friendly and compassionate. His agency is professional, discreet and produces results, where others have failed."
- Judith V. (Westport, CT)

"Infidelity Investigations has the latest in High Tech Equipment. A GPS device was attached to my wife's car. It gave me the cars location every minute. I knew when she said she was at the gym she was really at her trainer's house."
- Gene A. (Easton, CT)

"I rented a GPS unit to see what my teenager was doing, I was able to see how fast he was driving and what areas he was frequenting in real time."
- Joe C. (Shelton, CT)

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