by Heather Fox
(Chester SC)

invisible to the world

my dreams shattered onto the floor
will i make it in this place?
justice is my idea but death seems soo real
would you believe if i told you im insecure relying on his words
to believe lies is my life
so beautiful and yound they say an yet i look in the mirror and see ugly and broken
can someone save me? i havent seen it yet
ive been screaming for almost three years now and no one gets it quit yet. fighting is natural to me, its what i wake up to ever everyday. the insults the put downs its amazing im not dead yet. she wips away my tears and says we will get out my dear, but we never do. sometimes i think of heaven and wnt to go but pain hurts so ill let life take its toll. you look at me and smile and think all so sweet i wish u would look deeper but the outside is all ill let you see

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