Isn't one enough?

by cheater

i have this little crush

on a man who i cant own,
knowing he has a wife
weakens me to the bone.
who am i to come,
in between their love?
how can i be so selfish
isn't one enough?
someone once told me
karma comes back around
but until it shows its ugly face
im keeping on fooling around.
i know he has the hots for me
i see it in his eyes
when we f%$k its pure bliss
theres nothing more i desire.
so how can he love his wife
and then come back to me?
is it possible to love more than one,
maybe two or three?
or maybe the thought of eating
the same thing everyday,
for the rest of his life
is quiet bland to taste.
or maybe he doesnt love her,
like the way it used to be,
and is taking her for granted,
just to keep the peace.
or maybe she is selfish,
and she doesnt even care,
but in this life who really does
its not always very fair.

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