It was Him

by Kierstyn Renae Squier
(Coldwater, MI )

He’s a jackass and a jerk

He stole my heart without any work
I loved him but it wasn’t shared
Now my heart can’t be repaired
Who will be the one to hold me through the night?
Without trying to start a fight
Who will be the one to make me smile?
And make it last for more than a little while
Who will be the one to stay?
Even when things go array
Just when my feelings become strong
You tell me that this is all wrong
There is no time for my heart to heal
It’s left behind like an old fishing reel
It’s funny how fake a smile can be
No one can see the pain that lies beneath me
I’m tired of all the trying
When all you're doing is lying
You need to know more than just my name
Because I’m no longer playing this game

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