Not over yet!

by Tia Hyatt
(Gwinn, Michigan)

I miss your love,

even though it was fake,
i long for your hugs,
although they were something to take,
i hate you for the things you have done,
i love you for the man you used to be,
i cry every time I see the sun,
you don't love me,
and now i see what you really can do,
she told me it happened,
i didn't believe it one bit,
all along you lied,
you cheated on me with three different girls,
i found two out right away,
i stayed with you because i will never love anyone the way i love you,
you sit in that dirty old jail,
i wait for prison to come your way,
i don't want to see you,
you have crossed that line,
i love you so much,
but my hate inside is to strong,
i seen those pictures you sent in the nude,
these days seem so long,
i will never forget you,
your my one true love and that is the hardest part of it all,
i love you and hate you,
i'm happy iv'e lost you,
i regret falling in love,
your not the man to fill a heart,
your the man to break it apart,
i hope you can see,
no one will ever love you like me,
now your days will be filled with loneliness,
as you did to me,
i can not express,
how much you hurt my poor little heart,
but i will let you know,

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