by Suzanne Marie
(Phoenix, AZ, USA)

If It's Any Reassurance, To Give You Some Facts, To Consider.

Then, Let Me, Respectively, Remind You, EVIL, Lurks, Since, FOREVER.
EVIL, Since The Beginning Of Mankind, & FOR, FOREVER, More, REALITY!
HUMANKIND, No Matter The Individual, Taught To Be AWARE, Evil, A Definate, POSSIBILITY.
Whatever, Evil, Is Allowed To Destroy, Is OUR Fault, Because, We Let, EVIL WIN.
Total Destruction, Of LOVE & HAPPINESS, A GOAL, An OBSESSION, Evil Temptation, A SINNER's, SIN.
Faith & Trust, In OUR LORD, Our Thoughts, Only In Him, Our Awareness, EVIL LURKS.
We, Of Human Flesh, As Designed, Are KNOWN, To Be Likely To SIN, Give In, To The Evil, Our Flesh, Will Fall, Into, Due To The Extreme, Pulls, Tugs, Pushes, Yanks, & JERKS...
Suzanne Marie

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