by Ashly

so cheerful and passionate about poetry and music

so cheerful and passionate about poetry and music

Have you ever missed someone?

You thought you’d never miss after the final chapter was closed
When you go the extra mile to make it work with someone new
But it’s never like the one you chose
I loved you for one year and that didn’t change
So why do dreams keep coming in so strange…
Showing images that you would hurt me emotionally
Walk out on me when I need you to console me
I love you no doubt about it but what am I to do
Because I want to continue to love you but you told me verbatim that I can’t even trust you
It’s not your fault; I’ve been hurt severely in my past
I want to let it go, but how insecurities that can and will never cast
I give my heart to you and you say you know how I feel
But in return is it so easy for interest to be unreeled
Taken away from me when you’re the one love I’ve grown to know
I thought I was ready to trust again
But I’ve regressed again…

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