Talk to Me

by Clive Reedman


Kids, kids, please talk to me.
It's not my fault, oh can't you see?
It was your mother, never me
I just needed to be free.

Kids, kids, please listen
Answer the calls from inside my prison
She was just lust, a woman willing
To return to me the love I'm missing.

Ok, I lied to her and to you
But will you judge me like you do?
Kids, kids it was not me
All I needed was to be free.

Kids, kids please talk to me
I am lonely, in misery
Please come and see me soon
We could do an afternoon?

I am alone now, wondering so
Why is it that I feel so low?
Kids, kids please bury me
maybe then at last you'll see.

Kids, kids please answer me
All I needed was to be free!

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