The day the Tsunami hit me

by Blk Angel

I thought he was godsend, his name a special message from god to me

Mothusi, one especially sent to help ME in life.
No other better interpretation I could think of.
Disguised as a gently wave on a warm sunny day he embraced me.
In such comfort I failed to see the whirling, swirling, wrathful tsunami coming my way
It hit when I least expected.
I could have sworn I did not see it coming.
Leaving me shattered, dazed and confused

I lie awake at night haunted by betrayal, deceit and my very own anger
The sadness in my tired eyes tell the tale every time my mouth is shut
My mouth opens, it only rattles one tale
The day the tsunami hit my home,
Destroying all that I had built
What does it take to rebuild what has been destroyed by this vicious tsunami?
I don't think I can rebuild
I'm too scared to rebuild,
I think I'd rather start afresh, elsewhere.

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