The End Is Upon Us...Goodbye!

by Trish
(Chicago, IL, USA)

Because of Your Cheating...The End Is Upong Us..Goodbye!

Because of Your Cheating...The End Is Upong Us..Goodbye!

The end is upon us

Something that can no longer be denied

I see so clear as to just how much you've lied

Your lips told me lie after lie

Oh, but I could see the cold truth within your eyes

You'll love me always, or so you say

But your love has never really been here to stay

You want me, you wisper as a lover

Fret not, for in a minute you'll want another

Ah, but you forget as you can betray me with your lust

Another will win me by showing trust

Tired of the lies and the tears

I have to suck it up and face my fears

The love I felt for you is quickly fading

As responsibility is what you're evading

You are now becoming like the rest

Out of my life must be what's best

Though we will always share a special bond

The feelings for each other no longer fond

Maybe one day we will be able to call each other friend

For when it comes to our love, this is the end

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