The Gut Feeling That I Ignored

When I saw a new number on my husband's cell phone and called it a man answered-so that threw my suspicion into a curve-I never mentioned it because I would never believe my husband would do such a thing, especially after I just suffered, and I mean suffered from cancer just 7 months prior. Well I was in denial-he wasn't affectionate and I didn't have a clue-squeeze his extension for clues and check phone numbers online..Then get into your vehicle and see where he goes after work-take a friend so you don't kill him---and let the desperate whore know she can have his selfish sick ass and watch him come home with his tail between his legs then you have to look at the cheater the rest of your married life-YUK and good luck!!! I even asked him where he was taking his sex drive and he didn't answer--gross-vulgar-and very immature----

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