What Happend??......

by Camila

What Happend??

Was It Worth it.....

To do what you did with her and just let everything
we had go to waste.Everything we shared
together.the laughs.the hugs.the ""I Love You"s
were apperently just a comforting lie to string
me along.
Not to leave until you
another satisfaction from someone else.
you said while you were with her.
I was on your mind the whole time.
that you felt bad and discusted
with yourself for
doing what you were doing...

But yet,you continued.

Where is the guy i fell in love with.
the guy who always said he would
NEVER in his life disrespect or
screw over a girl.Because thats happend to
you,you know how its feels.
But guess everything went blank in your
head and just showed weakness.

I needed better but was to afraid to go for it.
But im not not going to be weak anymore.
I am Strong.and I willl Heal....

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