We Have A Winner!!!!!!

The Winner of the Poetic Contest is.......

Plumeria Fields - Link to Entry (WINNER!! CONGRATULATIONS!)

I am proud to say that that all the entries were winners.

I know it must have been extremely difficult for Judith to pick just one winner, but she did come to a definitive winner when she chose "Plumeria Fields". Here is a snippet on how she narrowed down the race!

Hi Dean:

Here's how I rank the top four:

1) Plumeria Fields (WINNER!)

2) She's Taking My Place

3) A Cheater's Haiku (the cell phone)

4) A Cheater Haiku (the dirty dog)

Lots of creativity here!

Plumeria Fields

By Annette (Kealakekua, HI)

We used to stroll through the plumeria fieldsYou would hold my hand and stroke my hairYou said you loved the way my skin picked up the fragrance of the airYou said you loved me more than life itself.

You don’t talk to me anymoreYou sit on the couch and stare into spaceYou eat the food that I cook without so much as a thank youYou don’t say you love me anymore.

I sit and wait for you to come homeYou come in the door three hours lateYou say, “ I had to work late, hun… what’s for dinner?”I can smell the plumeria flowers on your skin.

The End

Please feel free to submit more Poems to the "Poetic Expression" page for others to share despite the contest being over.

I would like to thank everyone that participated in this contest. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for our next contest.

Thanks again!