A male co - worker texted my husband with a comment he loves him ? Confused

My husband has a person he works with another man, he had texted him a few times playing around making comments etc. , Then on super bowl Sunday he had ask my husband to join some friends from work at a party.

I got the text and responded that " I have company i cant come" He texted back thinking it was my husband that is was my fault ( his wife) i was the reason he couldn't come.

I answer no I have family i am staying home. His next text was " U dont have to lie to me I still Love you !!! ? *SMfjch* then he sent another text with mfjch in astrics. I am totally confused and hurt deep in my soul.

A while back another man other then this one called at 1 am and said he loved my husband and how great he was , this is a guy i have never heard my husband even talk about. So this makes 2 separate co workers.

I don't know what to do or what to believe i am wondering if my husband is on the down low.

Any advice with out being cruel would be helpful, it has been 21 years with this man and 2 children .

He has been my whole life i am just crushed....

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