Am I off base? - "I know what all this points to"

by Andre

I will not specify gender so that all replies will not be biased. My spouse had a relationship with a co-worker that I felt was inappropriate.

They were exchanging text messages, emails, and a few phone calls. Most of these dealt with the others personal life, mainly who they were dating.

I found an email that my spouse had sent wanting to know quote " all the details, and I mean everything ". Another email I saw later to a different co-worker said "No Name" had finally contacted them back asking about their recent hand surgery.

My spouse said they didn't respond because they just weren't feeling it. They continued by saying, I still like them but I am not going to contact them anymore.

Apparently, the other person had not been responding to the correspondences my spouse had been sending.

When confronted with this information my spouse said they were simply nosey in regard to the others relationships, and I still like them only meant they liked them as a friend.

I am not a moron, I know what all this points to.

I am only looking for confirmation of what I already know. Any and all replies are welcome.

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