Angry Ex Wife

I came home one day and caught them doing it, they did not even know I had seen them . So I decided to leave, I got a mortgage and bought a house then told him, I told him I knew what they were doing and that I was leaving.

Well its been 2 years since my split. I left him as he was treating our mutual married female friend like a queen. All he did was talk about her and to this day he still does.

I was told by an acquaintance that they were meeting for coffee while I was at work. I knew as he had told me. But I think that he finally fell in love for the 1st time in his life at 63 years old.

She my ex bf was married (her husband passed away 3 weeks ago)and he had been ill for over 10 years, he encouraged them to meet up and or go out together. I told him I was not comfortable with this and he just said I was jealous and had to just live with it.

Yes he was a jerk and hurt me at every opportunity. I did everything for him cooked, cleaned did laundry and never said no to him if he wanted it and also worked like a man at the cabin doing a mans heavy labour.

He never did a thing for me never got me coffee, never cooked me a meal once. Nothing so I decided to leave him because I could not take the negativity anymore and the name calling. Since we split he has cooked for her and helped her with anything if she needed help.

While I had to do it all by myself. In our split I didn't get anything, it was a lot easier for me to leave with my sanity. But I still do need to get my stuff out of his house.

Which I have not done yet as it is never a good time for him. So I got angry last sunday and gave him his house key back and he immediately gave the key to my ex bff.(Wow 3 weeks in his grave and they are already hooking up).

I hate them both I am always angry and I can't sleep at night because of it. I need to get over this somehow maybe it will just take time to heal my wounds. Time will tell I guess.

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