Angry Wife 34 - "I was blindsided while I sat idling on a Tuesday afternoon..."

by Annie

My husband is a total bum, we will have our four year anniversary in about six months. I have supported our family the entire four years, except for the last few months. He has a new job, with a new cell phone. His boss controls the cell phone bills, etc.

I have suspected him of cheating for last six months. We recently moved, I thought he was cheating in our previous location, but since we moved, I am convinced.

He constantly picks fights, calls me terrible names, I am constantly asking myself why am I dealing with him? We have two children, one is the natural birth father, the other he adopted from a previous relationship of mine.

I always thought we had a good relationship. A few weeks ago, I accidentally, (really it was on accident I had never used an iphone before) I opened his email on accident, and low and behold, there before my eyes were a bunch of messages from a gay website. The next day, I asked him about it. He denied it.

He said someone else must have made that profile. So, a few days later I got into his email, there were other dating websites, straight ones. He is very defensive about all of it, he denies everything.

I am worried now, that since I confronted him about it, he will work even harder to cover his tracks? I don't have enough money to throw towards a PI or towards internet tracking services, what should I do?

I also changed his passwords on his email, so now only I have access to it. But he could go to each website and delete or alter the accounts, right?

Someone, anyone, please help. I never saw this coming, I was blindsided while I sat idling on a Tuesday afternoon...

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