Are you serious?

by Nick
(San Diego, CA, USA)

Well I found out that my wife has been sending and receiving provocative pictures via cell phone with about 5 different guys. There has also been pretty vivid emails going back and fourth as well.

Two of which she had everyday interaction with at work and one is her boss. I don't know how long this was going on but I am sure it is a long time because I looked at the phone records and saw the same numbers on there for at least a year or so.

I am gone every other week so I know there was an opportunity for her to do so but all I have are those pictures.

She will not tell me anything that happened and has denied everything. But I find it hard to believe because I got confirmation from one of her friends that she has been talking to some guy for a while now. So we will only see what happens from here I guess.

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