Have You Ever Cheated on a Partner In a Committed Relationship

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Have You Ever Cheated on a Partner in a Committed Relationship?

These are random quotes that I have come across in various forums. It is quite interesting to see how we are all in different phases of our lives.

"I cheated but I think our relationship was over way before I got caught"

"If you decided to have a committed relationship, then you agreed to not cheat. That simple"

"Cheating does not just happen. We slip, we fall. That happens, but cheating doesn’t just happen."

"I cheated quite a bit when I was away at college. It was the thing to do. I was young, it was fun. Things are different now. We have responsibilities now."

"I’ve cheated on my girlfriend, and I wouldn’t bet my life that she hasn’t cheated on me."

"My affair was not planned. I really don’t know how it got to where it did but it all happened so fast"

I know I have had my share of the cheating thoughts in my days. There were plenty of times where I considered cheating because I thought something wasn’t going right in my relationship.

If you have cheated in a committed relationship, tomorrow is always a new day in which you can take your life in a different direction.

Many of you will have a chance to continue a relationship with a very special person.

Cheating is something you are almost certainly going to regret at some time in your life. For some, that time is a lot sooner than others! 

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