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Whats Does the World Think About These Sensitive Questions on Infidelity?

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I've put together these polls on cheating for you to see what others thought about some tough questions when it came to infidelity, cheating, and other touchy subjects on relationships.

We have have been getting a very diverse crowd of visitors from around the world looking for information on cheating. Because of this cultural diversity, these infidelity questions may be viewed and answered differently around the world.

All these questions may be answered anonymously. You will have to vote however to see the poll results for any particular question. I am also going to open up the suggestion box for you to submit a question that you would like to see added to these cheating polls. 

Polls on Cheating

Is an online affair cheating?

Which race cheats the most?

Are you currently considering cheating on your spouse or loved one?

Have you ever cheated on a partner in a committed relationship?

Do you have a work spouse and is it considered cheating?

Do you believe the best approach is to simply confront your spouse/loved one about them possibly cheating?

Would you tell your best friend that their spouse/loved one cheated if you thought it was a onetime thing and they were completely happy at the time you found out your best friend was being cheated on?

Are you currently involved in an affair? (other woman/man or cheating spouse)

If you started to feel strongly for the man/woman you cheated on your ex with, would you be able to respect that person enough to begin a committed relationship with them despite how you two got together?

Have you ever had sex during your lunch break from work? (While single or in a relationship)

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Thank you for stopping by our polls. Your participation is what makes it work!

Come back as new questions are added.

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