"Emotionally almost feels worse than physical"

by k

The first time I found out my husband had been talking to his long ago ex, for several months supposidly it was harmless in the begining then I found letter to one another confessing there love ex, ex.

She lives states away so I know the did not physically cheat, but emotionally almost feels worse than physical. The second time I found a comment by a girl he went to highschool with saying we can have sex in the back of your truck like you said, I will be going on my break at 12:00, then also found where he had solicited a lady on craigslist.

Supposidly he and neither of the girls did anything but made plans. Which one confirms. I am stuck, the first time it happened he swore it woyld never happen again, and it does but goes further.

I want to believe we can work things out but I am afraid I am being Nieve. A majority of the problem is his drinking. when he drinks he seems to do things and not rememeber.

I didn't want to make a rash emotional decision about it considering we have 3 kid so I told him I would give it a year.

He is trying, but due to his work he is gone alot and on trips,has a work phone email ex. That I do not have access to which makes me nervous, he swears he would tell me if anything happened again, but I am not stupid he didn't tell me first 2x's why again cause he know it will all end.

I need advice I don't know how to get through this, I have given up so much to support my husband and his dreams leaving all I know job, friends, family and now I am struggling.

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