Has he or is he cheating? - "He said he had not given up & that we are not finished"

by Georgina
(Reading UK)

Where to start... He left in November last year said we was on a break as I worked so many hours. I've since found out he has been texting another female constantly and lied about going to see her. In a confrontation he has said they are friends there is and has never been anything happening. So why make no effort for me. & then find he is lying about where he is as he is at hers & buy another phone on the same network as her. Has he or is he cheating ?? He said he had not given up & that we are not finished. When I found he was with her this valentine I said we was over. Did I over react am I wrong but why all the lies I don't understand why not just tell the truth & save the misery & heartache

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