my fault?

by crushed

My husband was involved with a girl before we met he told me he was broke it off because she was too old and had a child he said he never talked to her and then she started calling and texting and sending e-mails saying things like "thank you for your time i hope it didnt cause too many problems im sorry im out of practice and already my whole body hurts" and one saying "my toy is good although i have you in mind delicious" and when i asked him about it he said its nothing and that he only loves me yesterday i found condoms and a toy in his car i asked him about it because we dont use condoms and he told me they were his brothers but the toy was hidden in the trunk?

I feel sick to my stomach thinking of him touching or kissing this woman or any other woman for that matter :( i feel empty and heartbroken help me please :(

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by: Anonymous

everybody is human!

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