by Ant

My wife has a history of cheating but it's been fairly quiet . Nothing to raise suspicion . Except

She keeps her cell phone locked and close to her. We had a arguement Friday ...Last Saturday she and my 8 yr old stayed over her sisters for most of the day. She came home 1:15 am . Woke up the next day had relations she didn't feel like she should of because we hadn't been together in about 2weeks. But I didn't think much of it. But later she brings in a bag and at the time I'm not paying her any attention. But she make point to say" I only had this bag because I wasn't going to come home"
I found that strange and out of place. So she...all of the sudden changes her attitude while she messing around with the bag she had as if she was angry because of something . But we had been joking around the whole morning. I also found that strange. Then she left and I looked in her bag
And I found inside her boots a thong balled up in the end of them. And looked in the dresser where she had put something away. And a bra to match. Now I'm sure something happened or am I making more of it
Than it is.

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