Suspicions against my boyfriend

by DM

Hi! I have been suspicious for a while now his odd behavior e.t.c..One time he came over and chilled all 8f a sudden he had something to do and he was sneaking try to hide a night bag so I wouldnt see it out acting like his stomach hurt and I said something to him what you trying to hide e t.c. led to an argument and this his favorite line sorry I make you feel like I'm cheating...but you do odd stuff to make me think that way and gets mad when I ask him or bring it up been there done that there's more but to make a long story short...days ago he was asleep and his phone kept going I glanced at it and saw a girl picture he saved and the text she sending him a kiss and something else I also notice when I sent him a text of him sleep picking at him he never saved my picture next to my name and we been talking 2 years huh!!! So I was pissed off didnt say anything for a day or two and brought it up and exploded..and I told him before if u have someone leave me alone and don't waste my time...his response it's my ex I know I told you I deleted her photo and lied but nothing going on yada...but if nothing's going on why is she sending u kisses and every time u show me your phone you hold on to it to dear life like u scared someone will text the whole 9 yards...he says his not but I give up I dont know what to believe anymore I have been through this with my ex and the signs are similar and he makes it more obvious it would seem...we are not talking I was hurt and angry and snapped before I knew I'm just tired and he knew what I been through before and it's like he dont care attitude and didnt give me an explanation good enough but that same line like I didnt see the text 😕

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