Too Naive?

by Elaine
(North Carolina)

I read a text message on my husband's cell phone that at first was "business" then asking about meeting for lunch and then got raunchy. The sender gave a male name but actually it was a 32 year old lady who calls herself "Miss Priss". My husband did respond to the message flirtatiously. I was shocked by it. I did talk to him about it the next evening. Of course, after we got through the why was I reading his text ( He had made me & the kids go with him to a job site out of town, & I was bored. Plus, I do wish to learn how to text.),he says that he is not cheating on me. He was just kidding around, & I told him that's how things get started. He admitted that he wouldn't like it if I did such notes with someone else.

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