18 years to gether and 13 of them were based on lies and cheating

by amanda d canter
(piedmont al usa)

I got with my husband a month or little less before i was 14 years of age he dint know my age for quite a while he dint ask i dint tell not that it mattered id been raising my self since 11 molested from the time i was about 5 or so up to about 11 by several dif men family (in laws) so i started having relationships at about 12 i figured if i choose who i slept with i then had a choice and protector against all the molesters my husband is ten years my senior when i was 16 we got pregnat with our first child at age of 16 3 months before i turned 17 that when it started i suppose after i had my child when he was about 8 months to a year old is when i found out about it the first thing happened was i went out with a couple of friends from work for a birthday party he went to a other party at another house and drinked alchole and was drunk that night he got caught with his hands up some ones shirt there and kissing im sure then later that night my niece that was my age had a friend over our age he kissed her and put his hands up her pants leg or down them dont remeber which a day later i found out he was going to a old girl friends house and talking in the morn after work he worked 3 shift she wouldnt sleep with him but she also told me he was going to another womans house who he said wouldnt sleep with him but he tried both the next time was with a coworker of mine he did sleep with her tho she was chasing him had a crush so when i was at work she came to house knowing i wouldnt be there for a while this is the only one he admitted to then he met a girl at a mutual friends house then he started going to her step dads house who he never in the year we lived there or more he never bothered to visit before when i confronted him he lied all this was with in 1 year since then ive heard stories of him hitting on other women sometimes up to 4 or more times a year it take to long to tell all of them any way i always let him off the hook till this year im 31 i caught him on computer he volutered he was stopping it he dint want to lose me we are going to counsling he has cried for hurting me when i caught him lieng about some minor details of the one sexual affair he set us up counsling after that he has changed but he ran the relation ship and was the one who pulled away but now hes doing every thing he can to fix it make up for it but this is what i call a new honeymoon stage he hit on people from coworkers to neighbors friends to store and fast food clerks do you all think he will change he had a bad child hood due to that no self esteme so this was a addiction or that what councler said but once this is over will he change or continue to run after the high he has done a 180 turn on how he treats me where he never has befor please give me your in put do any one on here thinks he will change. im not sure. what do u think and please write what u think i details id love to hear it

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