Puzzles About Cheating

Puzzles about cheater

Puzzles About Cheating

Welcome to the Signs of a Cheater Puzzle page. This is a free puzzle that will test your knowledge of relationships, infidelity, and other related words that might be found on this website.

There are 41 words in this version of the Signs of a Cheater Puzzle. I challenge you to get all 41 without CHEATING! (No pun intended!)

Don't let it get you too frustrated, though! It's meant to stimulate your mind and get those mental juices flowing! Don't STRAY!

I would love to hear how well you did! Communication is key.

When you are done with the puzzle, be sure to come back and let us know how you did. 

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Please use the feedback form below to boast or gripe about your results!

Good luck!

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Chris From Indiana here! 31 words Not rated yet
Hey, I got 31 words right. I really didnt have the time to complete the puzzle, but I'll be back to solve it!

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