Signs of Cheating Men That Will Catch Them in Their Tracks!

There are so many signs of cheating men that you can learn.  Once you learn them it is only a matter of time before he makes a mistake that will shine a light on his cheating ways, if you know what to look for.

Men are able to cheat because they are able to take advantage of the trust that you have for them.   

Unfortunately for them, their unfaithful ways are always left behind.  The more they cheat, the more likely they will get caught.

Looking back, I left a lot of tell-tale signs out there. My girlfriend at the time didn't see them, BUT they were there.

Below you will find some of these tell-tale signs of cheating men and other useful resources that will help you determine if your spouse is having an affair.

These signs should be used to your advantage and they should only assist you, when determining if your man is cheating.

Keep in mind, just because your man is acting a bit shady, it does not mean he is cheating on you.  There are plenty of other reasons that may eventually justify his behavior.

More information is always better, so use as much information as possible to help you reach a conclusion.

10 Signs Your Man Is Cheating

signs your man is cheating

• His stories just don’t seem to be adding up any longer. When this happens, your instincts or that “gut feeling” will guide you. Do not ignore them!

• Has your man become defensive when you ask simple questions that concern his whereabouts? Does he get mad at these same questions? This maneuver is done to hopefully rattle you so that you will be afraid to ask this same question the next time.

• A cheating man will start to mix up his stories, but you will only notice it if you have been paying attention. As they say, when you tell one lie you have to tell another lie to conceal the first lie. This definitely holds true for a cheating man.

• Do you feel as If you are no longer connected or “vibing” with your man? If he is emotionally involved with someone else, it will only be a matter of time before you reach this stage. The bond of any good relationship depends on this connection, so pay attention when it is missing.

• He is now consistently rude or disrespectful towards you.

• When a man is cheating, many times he will have secret email accounts that are used strictly to communicate with his lover. If the email is for business, he should have no reason to hide it.

• Are you suspiciously finding a change of clothes in his car? Don’t dismiss your suspicions without looking into it.

• Has he stopped inviting you around his friends, social events or other activities that use to be automatic? If he is cheating, the less interaction and conversation you have with his friends and co-workers, the less chance he has of being busted.

• Has your man become very moody all of a sudden? If he is carrying on an affair, there will be many internal conflicts that he will struggle with as he tries to figure things out.

• Are you having much less or much more sex lately? It will usually be less, but the key factor to look out for is the big change in this department. 

Do you want to know who's texting your man?

"I should have
paid more attention 
to his actions" - Deb from Colorado

The truth is what you want, but to get it you will have to become pro-active. You can't just sit back and expect it to come to light. The deceit may have been going on for quite sometime, and may continue if you don't take that first step.

Prepare For What The Truth May Behold

Before you embark on your mission in finding out the truth, take some time to consider what you would do if he was cheating. Will you leave him? Will you try counseling? If you have your serious doubts, it is very important to do this while you are thinking clearly and not as emotional.

Don’t be ashamed. If you have someone you can truly trust, let them know about your concerns so that they may be ready to help you through the tough times if needed. You'll never be ready to hear that you are being cheated on by your man, but you do need to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally as much as you can before trying to uncover infidelity.

Also, please remember that a man's phone is his life-line. He will have to use it to communicate with his lover. If you remember one thing, remember this as one of the KEY signs of cheating men.

Be sure to read on how to use his cell-phone to catch him cheating 

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