Infidelity at the Workplace

Infidelity at the workplace has become a growing concern for many couples. As the saying goes, "When the cat is away, the mice will play".

stop Infidelity at the workplace

How Infidelity at the workplace begins

You don’t always realize it, but you see many of your co-workers more hours during the week than you see your spouse or love ones.

A recent survey revealed that over 60% of men that were involved or recently involved in an affair met the other person at work. It also revealed that approximately 65% of workers admitted to having sexual thoughts about other co-workers.

A typical affair at the workplace could begin in many ways. It may be a casual conversation about an exciting week end, or someone lending a caring ear to a venting co-worker.

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In many cases the workplace creates a situation that cultivates a closeness or friendship between co-workers.

Let's face it!

No one wants to work at a place that they can't call someone a friend. Where the danger is, is when that friend is of the opposite sex. Now add the same lunch hour, same task or project, a few happy hours and that friend now grows closer to becoming a "friend".

In these situations, laws of attraction come into play and relationships are tested.

If you are involved with someone that you really care about and you think you might have a serious future with, you will need to put the time into your relationship that will help your spouse or love one remain as just part of the statistics that only have "thoughts" of the other co-workers.

Because you are not there for most of the day with your love one, you will need to be active in the relationship and be ready to respond if you see signs of infidelity at the workplace. 

stop Infidelity at the workplace

Ladies! Be active and hinder Infidelity at the Workplace

These tips will not stop someone thats out to cheat, but it can change that person that is on the edge, with no true intentions of going astray.

  1. Take the time to listen to your love ones ordeals and work stories. If they can communicate with you on that level, they may not feel the need to reach out to that co-worker prying for his attention.

  2. Be present even though you are away. Make sure the office knows that he has a loving wife or girlfriend at home waiting for him. Take part in company outings, send occasionalflowers, or even pop in on occasion to have lunch with him. This will put a warm face to your name and solidify you as a real important part of his life.

  3. Identify the person that you think would most likely present a threat to your relationship. This person could be identified for various reasons(ex. very attractive, very easy, or on the rebound). Don't get carried away with this or allow it to make you see things that are not there.

For the most part, being active in the relationship will only enhance your connection with your love one while allowing you to spot any signs of infidelity that are there!

"He had to work late all of a sudden,
it just wasn't making sense, now it does"

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