Computer Monitoring Software - The Resource You Need To Catch Your Cheating Spouse.

A good computer monitoring software program allows you to become proactive in finding out what your spouse or partner is doing when they are online. You may wonder what they are doing when they stay up late at night, but do you really know?

The market for computer monitoring software is growing at an alarming rate. When you hear stats like;

"Fifty seven percent of women cheat on their partner"

"Three out of four married men cheat on their wife"

The one stat that people are trying to change is the fact that,

"Two out of three people being cheated on never find out."

Things to Look For in a Good Computer Monitoring Program

  • Invisible to the host. The computer monitoring program should be completely in the background and operating in "stealth mode". If they know they are being monitored, then the purpose has been defeated.

  • User friendly. You will want a program that is easy to operate. If you don't know what you're doing then you're wasting your time.

  • Records emails. Emails will be very telling when trying to get a good understanding of your spouse's activity. If he or she is cheating, the email will tell the story.
  • Records instant messages. Applications like MSN, AOL, and Yahoo all have chat functions that allow your partner or spouse to communicate in real time with their lover. Because it is available, the will almost always use it from time to time.

  • Monitors Websites. Websites that promote and facilitate cheating are popping up everywhere. Ashley Madison is entire company dedicated in concealing affairs. Good monitoring software will track and report the websites that are visited and even send the results to you via email.

  • Block Websites. Don't want little Billy visiting the wrong sites. With the right program you can block him entirely from the unwanted sites.

  • Key Logger. This is a very important function. You want to know exactly what you loved one typed to their lover. The key logger will record every key stroke they type and once again, it should be able to send to your email that you can check at a remote location.

  • Screen Shots. If you need to "see" what he's doing, the screen shot function will allow you to see sample screen shots from the sites he visited.

  • Cost Efficient. You want to put your suspicions to rest or catch them cheating but a very complete program should not be too far out your budget.

These are just a few things to look for when considering computer monitoring software. If the signs are adding up, and it is eating away at you then choosing the route to monitor your partner's computer should be an easy choice.

"At first I was hesitant to
try computer monitoring software, but
my suspicion was right! Unfourtunately" - Oneida from Miami

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