Movies about Cheating

What Are The All Time Best Cheating Movies?

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Movies about cheating can help you get through rough times by allowing you to identify with the pain of others; so that you can relate and understand that you are not the only one going through such tumultuous times.

More importantly, it allows you to open up and release those feelings of sorrow by crying, while also allowing your mind to go to someone else's reality for two hours.

Cheating and infidelity has been portrayed in movies since the beginning of the film era, as a result there are movies on cheating from the earliest times.

I've compiled a list of movies on cheating to get you started in you search to find that movie that hits home for you.

Please help me to build this Cheating Movies list by suggesting your favorites for possible inclusion. 

Cheating Movies

Cheating Movies

I would love to know what movie helped you get over a relationship in which you were cheated on. Feel free to include your story of that special movie about infidelity that touched your heart.

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"The Best Man hit home! Wow, that is crazy!"

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