Why I Cheated

Cheating , Affairs and Infidelity Were Part of My Life

"Cheating was a way to be cool with your friends.
That is why i cheated"

Why I cheated. At one point in my life cheating was second nature. An affair would lead to great stories for my friends. The grass was definitely greener on the other side. I look back now and I can't believe I use to think like that. (wow!)

Right now I am embarrassed to say that I was a habitual cheater.

I almost feel as if I am a different person completely. My actions were all clearly based on a mental weakness.

The offerings of temptation were there quite frequently.

I must say that my cheating ways were fueled by my man ego in which I felt I had to uphold amongst my friends.

I was almost doing it for them. I remember having the same disappointed feeling as I laid in bed each and every time. My reasons for my infidelity were very shallow in nature. I was cheating to impress my friends. As I got older and more mature, the need to please my friends slowly diminished. I now believe that cheating on your spouse is not cool.

Now they know where I stand. Proudly!

They joke around sometimes in saying that "I lost it!"

but what is interestingly funny, is that each and everyone of my friends now know that what happened is that "I finally found it!"

why I cheated and integrity

While I am not proud of my answer, I am proud that I overcame infidelity and a mental weakness that I possessed.

"I am embarrassed to say 
that I was a habitual cheater" - Dean from Pembroke Pines,FL

The answer to what made me cheat is crystal clear to me today. Hopefully the experiences I have endured and your inner strength will help you to reach the clarity in your life that you are looking for.

Cheating and infidelity IS something that you can overcome once you learn how to fulfill your life with more constructive activities.

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