Internet Infidelity and Online Cheating

One of the seedier results of the digital age is Internet infidelity, otherwise known as an online affair.

If your spouse spends a lot of his or her free time in front of the computer, participating in chat groups or other activities, it's possible an online relationship with someone else has begun. 

Your partner may or may not have met the person he or she is involved with, since that person could live halfway around the world.

It doesn't matter – the emotional pain and the havoc Internet infidelity wreaks on a relationship is very tangible and real.

How can you find out if you're a victim of cyber cheating?. In many cases, you can look for typical signs of an affair, like unexplained phone calls or lies about whereabouts, but here are some other indications of an online affair:

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Signs of Infidelity on the Internet

-Does your spouse spend time online late at night or very early in the morning, especially if he or she isn't working?

-How's your sex life? If your spouse isn't as interested as he or she used to be, it could mean they are cheating on the internet.

-Are you finding bills for online services you've never heard of? Do you discover emails from someone you don't recognize that isn't a co-worker of your husband?

-Is your spouse showing significant interest in online virtual worlds like Second Life? These worlds are great places to meet other people, who often customize their appearance in order to attract potential mates or cyber sex partners.

-Is the door to the home office or computer room always closed when your partner is online? Does your spouse close windows or hide his or her screen when you approach the computer? A demand for privacy while online is often an indication of internet infidelity. Cyber cheating can take many forms. Sometimes the involved parties never meet in person but indulge only in cybersex or intimate conversations.

In other cases, Internet infidelity can turn into an emotional affair where your partner withdraws from you and your relationship together.

The situation may even turn into a real life affair. It all depends on the people involved, where they live, and how serious the relationship is.

It's easy to say that online relationships are "not real" because they involve screen names and no physical contact, but they’re just as real as any other form of cheating.

Losing your partner, his or her intimacy, and the broken trust can cause a mental scarring as deep as full-blown physical affair would.

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