7 years and she's lesbian.

by Xavier Brown
(St. Paul,Minnesota,USA)

Me and Rachel were married for seven years two months and 27 days. We had three children my son and twin daughters.

We had met and dated three years prior to our marriage. We met while I was in law school and we married when I got a job and a house.

Those seven years we had done well financially and lived in a good neighborhood with a good school and job for me. Well one day my wife stayed on the phone a long time.

She usually hated her phone because of her job as a tax collecter. Well she said work was crazy so I let it go.

But over time it was constant soon she said she met a friend. I ended up meeting this lady Monica who was older than me.

I am four years older than my ex-wife, we married when she was 19 and I was 23. Well they hit it off.

Monica who was single and 34 loved my wife. They did a lot and I thought nothing of it until one day I came home from work to see my six year old son watching TV and my two year old daughters alone in their cribs crying.

Jonathan, my son, said she,my wife,went to Monica's. So I cleaned my daughters and put them in my car and drove to Monica's.

I had dropped Rachel off before. I drove up and parked the car rolled down the window and said You stay here I'm getting Mommy.

Her car was parked also in the driveway. I went up to find a unlocked door. I knocked and knocked. I called her but no answer.

So I went in to here Yes Yes oh Yes. Coming from Monica's room. I walked in and my wife was naked on Monica's bed licking Monica's vagina,who was also naked.

Both women stopped but I ran out and went to my parents house an hour away. They took the kids, it was a Friday, for the weekend and then I returned to find Monica and Rachel sitting in our living room.

Rachel said that her love for me had gone and she wanted another person who understood this. She then handed me a set of divorce papers and said Xavier the fire has died for us.

My heart is Monica's and her's mine. She then kissed my cheek and left. Monica stood up and said, Xavier she doesn't want anything other than her personal belongings and me.

She then walked out. Our divorce happened soon after and I won full custody over my children and all the money and property.

I took her money to finish all loans and debts and we went our separate ways. She ended up marrying Monica and living with her.

But I had to raise three children alone and I did. The last time she saw me and the children was the last court session day she said, to the children happily, Mommy is no longer Mommy and is going away.

She turned after kisses and hugs and didn't look back. I am now engaged but this story is for men in my situation.

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