A Hoe, For A Hoe

by Suzanne Marie Ontiveros McGaughey
(Phoenix, Az)

I've Tried To Go Back, To Work On Us.

He Goes Back, To The Hoe's, No Fuss.
A Hoe For The Hoe's He, Takes To OUR Bed.
Hoe's, Unsafe Sex, I Am Lied To, & Often Mislead.
He Gets Quite Angry, If I Happen To Contact, His Hoes, By Phone.
He Claims, He Wants To Let Them Know, To Leave Him Alone.
He HATES, If I Go Against His Wishes, & Contact, His Hoe's, On My Own, Making Them Aware.
He Gets Very, Very, Angry, About The Results, Of My Call, Does He Dare?
In The Past, When He's Asked Me, Not To Do, What, I Always Do, & I Will, If I Know The Number.
Because, I Know, When He Tells Me Not To, It's Because, I Know, He's Lying To Me, & To Them, If Not, I Get No, Slumber.
I Feel Better, Letting Them Know, I Am In His Life, I Am Back, So They Should Mind Their Own.
No Sooner, Do They Hang-up On Their End, & Immediately, Blow-Up His Phone.
If Not, He May Manage To Call Them, To Give Them, The Bad News, Which I Highly, Doubt.
He Becomes, Enraged With Anger, Directed at Me, & What I've Done, No Talking, He Can Only, SHOUT!
He Says, I Am Lucky, He Doesn't Hit Me, & Send Me To The Hospital, For Doing The Exact, Opposite.
I Sit & Ignore Him, With Whatever, I May Be Doing, No Fear, For I Know, He Knows, I Will Send Him To Jail, Because He Lost It.
He Gets Angry, Like He Does, Because, I've Done, What He Should Have, Before He Does, & He's Mad, Because I Let Them Know, What Is True.
He Only Plans, To Lie To Them, & To Me, But, I Know Better, I Know Him So Well, I Have To Do, What I Know, He Won't, & If Not, His Lies, Continue.
I Am Not As Stupid, As He Thinks, I Am, He Isn't Even Aware, He Says, The Same Thing, When He Intends, To Keep, His Hoes On The Side, & Continue To Cheat.
Even Though, He Has Told Me, He Wants To Try To Work Things Out, Between Us, As If, He Is Suddenly, Pure, & Free Of Unfaithful Acts, Just More Discreet.
He Is A Hoe, For All The Hoe's, Out There, He Can't Be Faithful, Not Even To Them, But It Is My Understanding, A Hoe, Has No Problem, If They Should Need To Share.
I Am Not A Woman, Who Can Forgive, A Habitual, Cheater, Not To Mention, Pathological Liar, For Him, It Is Not At All Rare.
He Has Cheated, From The Time He Found, How, He Is A Hoe, For The Hoes, & He's Addicted To Sex, Unsafe, I Might Add..
The Last Thing, He Is Concerned About, Is A Disease, May Be The Case, In Any Case, Only Sex, An Addict, Sex On The Mind, Bad.
I Cannot Even Let Him Touch Me, Nor Can I Sleep In Our Bed, I Am Leary To Touch Any Fixture, They May Have Touched, Without First Disinfecting, Before Contact.
I Have Tried, He'll Say He Has Tried, Too, Not True, He Hasn't Tried To Be Faithful, Because, He Knows, He Can't, His One-Track Mind, Easily, Distract...
Suzanne Marie

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