A Pineda Private Investigation

by Ernest A Pineda
(Glendora, California 91741)

Ernest A Pineda - Private Investigator

Ernest A Pineda - Private Investigator

I have been conducting services for infidelity cases for over 25 years. My methodology in advising male or female searching for the truth is by advising people of their options legally and emotionally.

I try to give them as much infornmation so that they can make a decision as to how and if they want to proceed in an investigation.

Most individuals that are inquisitive of these services usually already know what is already happenning.

Two methods exist for this kind of investigation: 1st is surveillance, time consuming, may become expensive and may be very time consuming 2nd is the lie detector examination, 95-98 % accurate in the hands of a qualified competant expert.

I do both. I am retired from the Los angeles Police Dept., and have been in private investigation business for over 30 years. I speak fluent spanish.

A Pineda Private Investigation
Business: 626-905-4660

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Oct 15, 2012
2 case samples but beware
by: Ernest A Pineda

In the past I have suggested that you should seek the services of a qualified polygraph examiner.

Below I have given 2 examples of the necessity of professional certified service:

A lady called my office to ascertain the type of service I provided. Long story short, she need to be re tested because the last examiner had tested her and told her husband that she had lied and was cheating on him. Well she had taken 2 examinations with the same results, with the same polygraph examiner.

She was retested by my office and she was found to be truthful. Normally I will not question the othere testing process but this client made me curious. I asked her how the other test compared with the test she had passed. She answered Dramatically. She said the her 2 children and her husband were present, seated directly in front of her while the test was administered. When her husband was brought in to be shown the results of his wifes polygraph test he said the he believed the test results because of the unprofessionalism of the examiners present that days of the test. As a matter of fact after the test a female examiner called him and asked him if he wanted to have a date with him.

The second, again a retest for an examination administered by the same examiner. This more serious in nature. An Armenian woman's father in law brought in her daughter in law to be tested. No mention of a previous test was made. Again infedelity issues. This young lady passed her test. When the father in law was given the results of the examination he said good we took her to ______and he said she failed. He told my son the the person that she cheated on him with was his other son. The in law said that he wanted to get the written results immediately because his son was drinking himself stuperous and was ready to go kill his other son with a shotgun because of the information of the previous exam. The son was brought in and shown the live information of the passed polygraph test which satisfied him. A tragedy was prevented.

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