A Wild Party Ending In A Horrible Mistake

by Jessica Santos

Well i went to a birthday party with a couple of my good friends and the birthday boy, well we can call him "John".

He Just turned 25 and I've known him since middle school. John always poked fun. His jokes are very different. He jokes about sex a lot of the time so at his party he was messing around talking about sex and kissing and all of anything that had to do with it.

All of our friends were hanging out and there was alcohol there so naturally, we got waisted. "John" had a girlfriend at the time but she went home, she wasn't in the mood to stick around.

I was to far gone to drive home so he told me to stay at his house, lots of people were there anyways so I didnt feel any different.

Well it got real late, around 3. Everyone started falling asleep so we went into his room. I've known him so long I didn't think anything of it by sleeping in the same bed as him, he was my best friend. We got into the bed and well, we ended up kissing and one thing led to another and when we woke up the next morning I said to keep this between just the two of us.

Well he's still with his girlfriend to this day and she still doesn't know. It happened about a month and a half ago. Im still lost and don't know what to think of myself.

I love that guy to death but I always feel awkward when we are in the same room with him and his girlfriend.

I figured it would go away but its something I have to live with now.

What do I do?

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by: Anonymous

Nothing,go on with a normal life,forget it.

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