a year later and i am still waiting to meet her coworkers yet...

by Joe

well ill try o keep this short and to the point. I have been with this girl for over a year ... a year and 2 months. We now live together. I have asked her numerous times even fought about it that why haven't i met your coworkers. 3 of these coworkers are supposedly guys she grew up with and sees daily at work but says they do not have her new number.

I have constantly been there for her she will say i am amazing and the best thing to happen to her an that she wants to get married and have babies.. Most of my friends think shes after money as i do not ask her to pay a dime... Yes she will cook and clean for the most part but as far as bills and food shopping i pay everything.. Some time rarely she will pay for food.

Well if i am so great y do i get the excuses of well the economy is bad they do not go out much anymore... They are in the city we are in jersey, meanwhile u take a train into the city daily why coudn't we meet them somewhere there? Its like anytime i ask her anything its a problem.. Her so called best friend and only friend is a menace to our relationship and little thing like she couldn't even delete pics of my gf and her ex off her page.. my gf would say that its not her page, well its your face and ur ex and u live with me and if this is such a good friend why shouldn't she delete them... I had to wait like 8 months for her to delete them cause it was always something like well she doesn't get along with her parents she jumping from house ot house etc.. no computer etc... yet she always managed to load pics

anyway the girl writes stuff like love letter to another girl i nthe navy like its a new navy im so happy for us etc... well sorry it fine that you write whatever u want but when my gf who stresses marriage etc has a prob cause i do not want pics on her friend page of them grabbing each others boobs or indecent picks up it s problem..

if i say nothing we do not fight but if i say anything or question anything its always a problem.. then its like fu** u ur an asshole she has punched me etc.. i'm tired of it she always is like i'm sorry i wont do it again ... like she is bipolar.. one minute nice the next its like wtf..

does this sound like she is hiding something?

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