All my efforts in Vain - I'm tired of how my husband treats me

by Emma

My husband does have a password on everything, his laptop, 3 cellphones, and ipad.

He never invites me to office gathering,outings, Christmas party etc. He always mentions that the parties given are all for kids only.(yuks)and if my kid does not come with him, He will ask me second time around if I will come with him ,I interfered that I though its only for kids?and never go with it anyway. He had hes 50th birthday lately, he never ask my opinion on what to do,restaurant, music, invitation,peole to invite, no invitation even to my relatives on my side.he was the only one allowed to talked in the party and after the picture taking, he deleted some of my pictures and never showed it to me.He always go home late at night, office meeting end at 10PM, sometime he has movie sign in his hand.. Im already tired of all hes doing about me, hes also deisrespectful about me, once I told him to help me out at home esp. house chores, and told me how he could help me if I myself not helping him at all in the house expenses?im freezed with what he told me,he even told to his other frineds that I don't want to work, hes not giving me he's salary he's money is he's own only he bough hes own vault ,i got my operation a year ago, at my own expense, after a month, our washing machine broke up, so after a month of operation I had to wash clothes on my own bare hands, then after a few months I learned that she gifted her sis with a nice big flat screen tv set,my bro in law even told me where they bought but not him, he never mentioned all the activities that he do.i work as a freelancer, working during my free time since im also taking care of my daughter, our home and everything I don't hire maid.maid.I paid for my own healthcare, my needs,clothing, my insurance.My mother in now on hes 70s I thought of visiting her, of our 13 years as married couple he never mentioned visiting my already tired of these activites expecting a a good married life...but all in vain.

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